Market leading customised solutions for Hearing Loss
Mandke Hearing Services (MHS) is the leading firm in diagnosis and solutions provider in Hearing Health Care in India. We have a recorded clientele of more than 50,000. More than 25 years, MHS has reshaped the hearing aid industry in India. It has set standards of work ethics, best practices and service providers.


  • Hearing Solutions

    25+ years of rich experience

  • New Born Testing

    We offer specialised testing for your new born and infants

  • Personalised Diagnostics

    Offering 20 different diagnostic hearing tests

  • Upgradation of Hearing Aids

    For your ears only

  • Ear Mould & Accessories

    The key to better hearing experience

New at MHS

Waterproof Hearing Aid

The most obvious symptom is inability to hear. However, hearing loss sneaks up on people most of the time.......